Address:1-4 floor, Phoenix Palace building, Xinfu District, Fushun
Site of a factory: No. 5, Fushun Road, Dongzhou District

Enterprise Spirit:Unity,Patriotism,Entrepreneurship,Dedication
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We hope to work together to do the positive personality: justice, honest, cheerful, modest, kind, brave, self denial, altruism. Note not to do negative: not positive, hypocritical...
Sometimes, who will meet the difficult problem is not a good solution, must tell you the people around you to think of ways to do the right thing. Keep the team morale. Respect everyone around me. Human understing of your teammates, let your teammates feel that you are a part of them. Share your experiences with them. They are not married. Is there a child? This is more than taking them to drink a group of cohesion, to play each person's strengths, different people arranged to different positions, really to the people, the courage to take responsibility.