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Core Philosophy:Integrity,Efficiency,Innovation,Excellence
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"Integrity, innovation, performance, harmony, security" reflects the company's business management decision-making behavior of the value orientation, is the organic unity of the whole. Where integrity is the cornerstone of innovation is the driving force, performance is the goal, harmony is the guarantee.
Integrity: honest trustworthy, really statement.
Credibility is the basic requirement of market economy on the enterprise, the company as the integrity of the foundation, the foundation for development, the credibility of the source.
Group companies to pursue a full range of good faith. Enterprises, managers employees should be emphasis on integrity. Not only to stress the integrity of the company, in the same community, customers partners to be honest. Integrity is reflected in the high stard of professional ethics business ethics.
To strengthen the ideological moral construction, adhere to the law by virtue of combining enterprises. The education staff is loyal to the enterprise, keep the business secret, forbid any act that damages the interests of the enterprise for the personal gain. In the enterprise actively promote honest, unity cooperation, work together, struggle together.
Insist on legal management pay taxes according to law. Continuously improve product quality service quality, strive to make customer satisfaction. According to the law of market economy, the principle of "honesty credit", the principle of "honesty credit", the contract is fulfilled, the external promise the legitimate interests of the partners are guaranteed. Ensure the authenticity of the disclosure of information, to firmly establish the credibility of a reliable, responsible large corporate image.
Innovation: advancing with the times, pioneering innovative.
Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development, it is also the source of the eternal vitality of group company. The basic requirement of innovation is to reflect the times, grasp the regularity, be full of creativity. In accordance with the development of new ideas, reform should be a new breakthrough, opening up to a new situation, the work should have new initiatives, the requirements, strive to improve the company's full range of innovative ability.
Vigorously promote the spirit of innovation, actively create a good atmosphere of respecting labor, knowledge, respect talent, respect for creation, make system innovation, mechanism innovation, system innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, product innovation other aspects of the innovation activities in practice, leading to competition, constantly go beyond the self.
Learning is an important foundation for innovation. Efforts to build a learning enterprise group, promote full learning, lifelong learning, encourage employees to learn professional knowledge, improve their own quality, learning as an important way to enhance the enterprise value the value of its own staff. Advocate take effective measures to create the atmosphere of team learning, so that information sharing, experience sharing, technology sharing, knowledge sharing, so on.
Adhere to the information driven industrialization, industrialization to promote the industrialization of the new road of industrialization. Strive to build the company into a prominent main business, with more independent intellectual property rights well-known brs, international competitiveness of multinational enterprise groups.
Performance: performance first, to create excellence.
Performance is the ultimate embodiment of all the results of production operation, is the most critical indicators of evaluation of enterprise development, is a measure of the contribution of units employees of an important scale. Each employee's performance is the basis of the performance of the company, the group's performance as a reflection of social value, enhance corporate value achieve the individual value of the workers.
Take a positive effective steps to establish improve the performance appraisal as the core of the incentive mechanism, clear implement the objectives responsibilities of each employee. Through the establishment of a scientific evaluation index strict assessment of honor, formation of enterprise in the market to the performance on the success or failure of workers in the enterprise performance on rewards atmosphere, encourage enterprises employees to improve work performance, so as to enhance the company's overall performance.
The masses of workers to actively promote high spirited state of mind, the pursuit of excellence. To create excellent performance as a group, the company's goal of eternal sacred mission, showing strong strength with excellent performance, with the powerful strength to create a more excellent performance in the fierce competition in the market, serve the country, contributing to society, the return of workers.
Harmony: unity cooperation, create a harmonious.
Harmony is an important guarantee for the normal operation sustainable development of the group company. The internal harmony creates the motive force of development, the external harmony provides a good living development environment.
To further improve the management system, setting up reasonable internal organizational structure according to the principle of benefit maximization business development, a reasonable division of the rights obligations of various management levels, do the responsibility, rights interests of unity, communication smooth, efficient operation of the organization. Correctly hle the relationship between enterprises employees, the overall local, short-term long-term interests, to fully mobilize the full mobilization of all employees the parties to the area of institutional arrangements. Advocate harmonious interpersonal relationship, create a harmonious pleasant working atmosphere.
Fully guarantee the legitimate interests of the company, the community, the customer the partner. To rational competition, cooperation win-win concept of the right to deal with the relationship between the competitors, create a harmonious environment for development. Under the conditions of its power, actively participate in social welfare undertakings, radiation promote the development of local economy culture, establish a good public image of the group company.
Safety: people-oriented, safety first.
The concept of security is not only in line with the current reality, but also represents the long-term direction of the cultural concept. Safety is a prerequisite for the group to create excellent performance achieve comprehensive, coordinated sustainable development.
Company of group of full respect for the value of human life, the public the worker's life safety in the first place. At the same time, actively undertake the protection of enterprise property the natural environment for human survival