Address:1-4 floor, Phoenix Palace building, Xinfu District, Fushun
Site of a factory: No. 5, Fushun Road, Dongzhou District

Management Philosophy:Treating customers with integrity, Co-win with harmony
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Patriotism, dedication, serve the country industry, sustainable development, make contribution to enhance the comprehensive national strength
Fushun East Department of fine chemical industry as a large state-owned enterprises to actively undertake the historical mission, to develop the strength of the company, committed to the industry country. With the construction of international competitiveness of multinational group as the goal, to accelerate the implementation of international business strategy, through the rational development utilization of two resources two markets, to complete the transformation from domestic fine chemical to multinational fine chemical industry as soon as possible, change from a simple "producers" to have a composite function of "supplier".
The production management capital management continuously effectively, to pay taxes to the state, is ideal for investors return on investment, the development of the national economy continue to meet the growing dem for fine chemical resources, safeguard national economic security energy security, to enhance the comprehensive national strength to make greater contributions. Actively guide the broad masses of workers into a strong patriotic enthusiasm into the revitalization of the country's oil industry, accelerate the development of the group's practice. Education staff dedication, diligence self encouragement, to be enthusiastic press on, improve the performance of the company to make more contributions, which is reflected in the most direct full of patriotism.
Entrepreneurship: work hard, forge ahead, pioneering the eternal pursuit of first-class, unswervingly.
Is China hard pioneer petroleum industry from small to large, a true portrayal of the development process from weak to strong. After entering WTO, the domestic foreign market competition increasingly fierce situation, but also to continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, hard work, unremitting self-improvement, overcome difficulties, thrift combat waste, to avoid making mistakes.
Firmly grasp the development of this priority is not put, to solve the problems in advance with the view of development. Forge ahead, the spirit of "you have the conditions, do not have to create the conditions of heroism, actively exp the development of ideas, create conditions for development, open up new areas of growth, seeking the development of group company more.
Never satisfied, entrepreneurial eternal. To treat every job with the spirit of entrepreneurship, the results as a new starting point, constantly carry out new practice. Strive to build a first-class staff workers, with first-class stards, first-class work, first-class performance, to create a first-class enterprise image.
Realistic, scientific, realistic, "three honests four stricts", constantly improve the management level the level of science technology.
Based on the dialectical materialism world outlook methodology as a guide, respect for science, practice, innovation, this is a magic weapon for winning group company. The key is always to emancipate the mind, seeking truth from facts, with the times of ideological line.
Adhere to the pragmatic, formalism. To form a good atmosphere of work, effective performance, see. According to the requirements of "honesty, honesty honesty", strive to build a team of highly qualified staff workers. To strict requirements, strict organization, serious attitude, discipline, constantly improve the management level of enterprises.
Firmly establish science technology is the first productive forces, relying on scientific technological progress to promote the development of the group. Strengthening the development of research application technology based on advanced consciousness, independent intellectual property rights have more core technology, strive to quickly research achievements into real productivity, continuously improve the core competitiveness of the group company.
Dedication: employees contribute to the enterprise, enterprise return to society, return customers, return workers, investors return.
Actively guide the majority of employees to Wang Jinxi, Wang Qimin, Qin Wengui other advanced models as an example, dedicated to the enterprise. Firmly establish the talent concept, to attract talented person formed under dynamic employing mechanism. The outsting talent gathering to the group's development of the cause, for the workers to display their talents to create a more broad space.
Through the rational use of resources at home abroad, with the sustained effective production management for society, customers to provide high-quality safe clean oil natural gas, chemical products quality service, to provide investors with satisfactory investment returns. Efforts to protect improve the natural environment for human survival, constantly improve the quality of life of the people, for the prosperity of society economic cultural development to make its own contribution.
To guarantee the political, economic, cultural social life of the workers in accordance with the law, the Democratic rights. Encourages the staff through honest labor obtain legitimate material interests, to establish the socialist countries, social business interests in the first place fully respect the legitimate rights interests of workers' personal view. On the basis of enterprise development, gradually improve the working living conditions of workers, so that the company's operating results to benefit every employee, for the workers to contribute to a better life.